IX International Research and Practice Conference

«Intercultural Communication: Linguistic and Didactic Issues»

24-26 March, 2021

About a conference

Thematic areas of the conference:
    - Theoretical research in linguistics
    - Theory and practice of intercultural communication
    - Theory and practice of professional and academic communication
    - Artistic communication and cross-cultural interaction
    - Electronic literature
    - Linguistic persona and cultural studies
    - Translation studies and translation didactics
    - Digital technologies in linguistic and literary studies
    - Current trends and digital technologies in teaching:
          linguistics, literature, and translation;
          native and foreign languages.

Key Speakers

Call for papers

Conference Timeline:

February 10 – March 21
    Registration of the conference speakers and participants on the Leader ID platform
February 10 - March 10
    Speakers' registration and abstracts submission on the conference website https://intercultural.conf.nstu.ru/
February 10 – March 21
    Participants' registration on the conference website https://intercultural.conf.nstu.ru/    
    Providing information for the Online Survey section of the conference website.
    Registration for the professional development course, the course fee payment
March 15
    The list of accepted abstracts on the website
March 15 - March 21
    Participation fee payment and submission of the necessary information and documents
    for the conference participation
March 22
    Program publication on the conference website
    Links to the online surveys publication on the conference website
April 30
    Access to electronic version of conference proceedings

Participation in the conference:

    - plenary session (20 min);
    - concurrent session (10 min);
    - panel discussion, workshop (45 min);